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As an external service provider, we undertake the professional assembly of simple to complex assemblies within your series production. Our employees have modern assembly stations and technology at their disposal. This is how your individual parts become high-quality mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or combined systems. The more complex a module is, the more intensive is the further processing of the item in question. We rely on a variety of processing techniques such as ultrasonic welding, printing or riveting. From simple reworking to extensive assembly, you can rely on our trained staff and our modern technology. Even with very large quantities, we guarantee economical and flexible further processing. Our purchasing department procures the necessary material and components on request. After the final inspection and packaging, the finished product is delivered on time either to the customer or to any other desired delivery address. Use our know-how as a reliable supplier. You relieve your own assembly at peak orders or benefit from our continuous support.

From a water-powered workshop to the first stock company in Bavaria

In 1862, and thus in the historical context of Abraham Lincoln and Otto von Bismarck as Prime Minister of Prussia, Josef Esterer laid the foundation stone for his eponymous company in the Upper Bavarian market town Altötting.

The water power of flowing through the famous pilgrimage Mörnbachs he used for the operation of a workshop and foundry. In keeping with its rural environment, repair work on equipment for agriculture and forestry and the manufacture of construction equipment and accessories for mills and sawmills were among its most important sources of income.

But that changed in a short time. Eleven years later, when Josef Esterer’s son, Andreas Esterer, took over the management of the company, the company had developed from a craft business to a machine factory. The plants were expanded and gates, threshing and steam engines were included in the production program.

And the success story continued. Altötting, raised to a township in 1898, experienced an almost rapid upswing in the second half of the 19th century. Trade and commerce developed and Esterer became the dominant economic factor in the region. The connection Altöttings to the railway line Mühldorf-Burghausen in 1897 did the rest.

At the turn of the century, Maschinenfabrik Esterer already had 290 employees and was the first company in the history of Bavaria to be renamed to a stock corporation, Esterer AG.

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